Our Services Include:


• Meeting in person at our location or over the phone to discuss your ceremony and provide help in selecting your ceremony music.

• Accompaniment for a vocalist, if needed.

• Rehearsal with a vocalist at our rehearsal location and/or just before the ceremony.

• One hour early arrival to coordinate cues with the ceremony director and officiant.

• All the music needed for your ceremony.



• $400 = 30 minutes of prelude music, any ceremony selections, processional, recessional, postlude.

• $600 = basic package plus 1 hour of reception music.



Frequently Asked Questions:


• Do you only play for weddings?
No, we play for other events as well – anniversarys, receptions, parties, concerts, etc.


• What will you wear to the event?
We will dress in standard black, unless otherwise requested.


• Will you play outdoors?
Yes. We have a few requirements however, to ensure the safety of our instruments and the ability to provide quality music. We require shade, no precipitation, and temperatures about 65- 85 degrees.


• Do you require a deposit to book Pittoré Music?
Once you contact us about a booking, we will send you a form to fill out and return with a deposit to hold that the date of your event.


• What do you require at the venue?
If a piano is not available at the venue, we provide a keyboard. For this, an outlet or extension to an outlet will be needed. 2 Chairs for the musicians during the ceremony. If a larger event, proper amplification for the violin.


• What if there is a special piece of music I’d like played, can you do that?
Yes! We can adapt and play anything you wish. If the music is not already in our repertoire, we can find and purchase it for a small fee.


• Will you attend the rehearsal? I’m worried that my bridal party will not be timed to the music.
It is not necessary for us to attend. We have performed for countless weddings and are adept in timing the music to the right length. You can leave that to us. We only recommend booking us for the rehearsal if cost is no object.

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